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The Future Belongs To Structural Engineering
Structural Design Consultants Create Safe Space For Every Tenant

As structural engineering goes hand in hand with civil engineering, we associate this industry with great responsibility. Providing our structural engineering services, we coordinate all the works performed by our contractors to ensure their structural reliability.

The basis of the task a structural engineer carries out is the application of physical laws to the real-world conditions. The in-depth knowledge about the structural characteristics of various materials and their geometry helps to produce durable stable objects. VDC Group’s structural engineer uses this skill to analyze the effective potency of a construction.

Does a high-rise building need reinforcement in the areas with high seismic activity? What materials should be used in that case? What type of concrete should be used for each particular building? Our structural consultants are more than ready to answer these questions. Whether you seek for commonly accepted methods of the structural analysis or you opt for a modern approach which includes the creation of highly detailed and interactive models, our team knows how to combine traditions and innovations. We’re always ready to implement techs which truly upgrade human comfort.

The Goals Our Structural Engineers Focus On

The structure’s type defines the way VDC Group’s structural engineer is involved in the project. Many facilities are rather simple, such as multi-story and apartment buildings. The strength of others depends on their shape greatly. In this case, the impact of structural engineering on their design is significant. Our structural engineering consultants provide technical advice on safe construction for clients working in various fields.


Whether you need to design a mixed-use building to accommodate various businesses or optimize an old hospital, VDC-Group delivers a professional solution. We conduct reports, designs and drawings, property inspections and assessment of the habitation conditions.

Special services are available upon request. With our creative and reasonable selection of materials and constructive elements, the lasting and appealing building is a stark fact.


No matter how ambitious the project is, there’s a set of pragmatic structural engineering services for the most buildings. To calculate, for example, the gravity support and resistance to the lateral forces is necessary in many cases. Our structural design consultants estimate all the pressures, loads and stresses and select the building materials accordingly. Also, VDC Group doesn’t stand apart from the modern «green trends»; energy-efficiency is at the forefront. Our structural consultants will offer the best solution possible concerning environment protection factors Consideration of landscape features and annual weather conditions is important both for a person and for the area. The structural engineer takes into account the forces imposed on a building caused by temperature and stress.

Nowadays, the structural engineering of a modern building can be extremely complex. It may require a large and skilled team where every member is an equally valuable collaborator. Our company has rightfully earned its reputation in the structural-engineering field. Contact us to get a comprehensive consultation on any design-related issue.

What Our Structural Engineering Consultants Skilled At