Abstract Structure

Business Process

Architect at Work
VDC group objectives

We aim to provide you with world-class service and together we will:

Understand your core Architectural/Structrual/BIM business  objectives:

  1. Coordinate scheduling, regular updates, and deliverables

  2. Manage the scope within schedule and budget

  3. Enable development and solution driven results

  4. Provide a confidential review of recommendations

  5. Achieve smarter work processes

  6. Advise on the right IT infrastructure, hardware and software solutions

Business process assessment

Our  team of experts and professionals can help you identify opportunities in design and industry practices and improve operational performance.

Our award winning technical experts and consultants understand each business is different and can help analyse how to help your business from start to finish. VDC group can help your business identify areas of improvement to resolve issues, resulting in efficient workflows, better communication, cost savings and overall improved business performance.

Architecture Model

Business Model

The business model is for VDC Group to work collaboratively with our customers, to support them in achieving their goals.Support is offered in a flexible format to suit the needs of the customer, according to the type of assignment and to the different needs during the life cycle of a project.

Whether you are the owner of the project or the contractor delivering the project, VDC Group services are for either side of the project.


For both methodologies, the assignment for VDC Group is to provide virtual design and project management services and to work collaboratively with the customer.

Service Delivery

The service delivery for VDC Group is to provide an augmentation service to compliment the team of the customer.

There are four levels of VDC Group services that can be provided:

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What is the best time to get VDC Group involved?

Typically at the start of the project. In order to ensure compliance with the Australian standards and the Act.