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What Building Information Modelling (BIM) Means To The Modern Construction

Producing a 3D modelling project, you evaluate the internal and external appearance of the building, the equipment and devices used. BIM modelling takes into account all the nuances and eliminates possible mistakes during the project’s implementation. In fact, the architectural plan creation, even with (BIM) Building Information Modelling, is the most budgetary stage of construction.  


While being some sort of a virtual prototype, BIM offers its users all advantages of digital approach. For instance, in Building Information Modelling (BIM), if you change one element, the same happens to all the others which save time for any updates. Increase the size of the basement – the 3d BIM modeling program shows how it affects the power grid. That information – from materials to heating/cooling loads or water pressure figures – can be called truly vital when it comes to implementing theoretical assessments in real life.

VDC Group uses the modern software resources to combine all the data about the structure into a wholesome model, which can later take into account such values as time, quantity and cost (4D and 5D models respectively)

VDC Group solutions has a team of BIM Architects, BIM Engineers and 3D BIM Modelers with profound and in-depth subject matter expertise. They have software skills, technical experience and on site exposure on sites which helps our Engineers to virtually visualize the possible issues during the construction phase. Our goal is produce accurate and Clash free Co-ordinated BIM Model that can be used for construction with minimum changes onsite.

We have provided BIM Modelling Services for Retail, Residential, Industrial and commercial sectors. We also provide Point cloud to BIM Modelling services for survey companies engaged in renovation and refurbishment of historical monuments, old government buildings, high rise apartments, hospitals, Schools etc.

BIM Drafting Services

VDC Group is a leading BIM Company in Brisbane, Australia providing CAD Drafting Services, Revit Drafting Services and BIM Coordination Services in Australia. We have assisted Cad companies in Australia transit to virtual construction modelling effortlessly through our BIM outsourcing services.

VDC Group promises complete and quality BIM Services compliant to Australian standards for Architectural, Structural and MEP domains. We assist in seamless transit of CAD to BIM Services, by converting 2D CAD drawings into 3D BIM Models using LOD standards based on project requirements. We offer Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM Modelling Services in Australia in a cost effective manner.



  • With Collaborative BIM, design issues can be resolved, detect clashes that reduce unnecessary construction upto 80% that control the overall construction time and cost.

  • Virtually apprehend and scrutiny a building construction using constructability reviews.

  • Changes can be made easily during construction with virtual construction model.


Building information modeling makes it possible to accumulate and save information in the high-tech and convenient way. Make adjustments and upgrade the model whenever you want. The qualification of any VDC Group’s BIM engineer eliminates errors in the interfaces between the building itself and its engineering networks. At VDC Group, we follow global trends in BIM development.

We are constantly improving our workflow and striving to achieve maximum efficiency to ensure the shortest possible time for project implementation. In addition to traditional programs we’ve mentioned above, we use cloud applications such as BIM 360, BIM Track and others. To solve each specific problem, our engineers use Dynamo scripts and plug-ins of our own production.

When you order a project from us, the result provided by 3D BIM modeling meets the latest technological standards. The region of the works execution or the building’s functionality can be of any difficulty. No factor will stop our BIM consultants from performing an excellent presentation of their skills. We are ready to deliver a BIM solution with the appropriate technical characteristics for any client. The resulting BIM model can be constantly transformed and upgraded. Get the opportunity to expand your project’s potential today.

Increasingly Effective BIM Technologies At Your Service

Professional BIM Services with Attention to Slightest Detail

Our BIM modeling solutions are used in engineering, architecture and construction segments making all tasks automatic and eradicating risks. This makes us one of the leading providers nationwide with broad experience in this sector.

Our company offers a complete range of BIM modeling services from the stage of project planning to its delivery. The expertise of our team, deep knowledge of this technology and extensive experience make us industry leaders in BIM modeling.

The developer team working at our BIM company always considers all critical tasks related to the BIM model creation. We take pride in sharing the idea of “green energy” when working on various types of projects. Our service never fails to respond to each client requirement so you can be sure we’ve got you covered.

BIM Modeling Services

Mechanical BIM Modelling

  • MEP Engineering

  • Ventilation

  • Heating

  • Air conditioning

  • Plant rooms

  • Mechanical Coordination

  • Mechanical Fabrication Drawings

  • Mechanical As-Built Drawings


Electrical BIM Modelling

  • Lighting Consultant

  • Fire Alarm System

  • Electrical Coordination

  • Electrical Fabrication Drawings

  • Electrical As-Built Drawings


BIM 3D Modelling

  • BIM 3D Modelling

  • BIM Revit Family Creation

  • BIM Data Drop

  • CAD to BIM Conversation

  • 4D Modelling

  • 5D Modelling

  • 6D Modelling

  • BIM Consulting Services

  • BIM Clash Detection


Public Health BIM Modelling

  • Foul Drainage (Wastes)

  • Rainwater Drainage

  • Condensate Drainage

  • Public Health Coordination

  • Public Health Fabrication Drawing

  • Public Health As-Built Drawings


Fire Sprinkler BIM Modelling

  • Fire Sprinkler Coordination

  • Fire Sprinkler Fabrication Drawings

  • Fire Sprinkler As-Built Drawings