Abstract Structure


Modern Architecture As It Is

The modern architecture practice satisfies the practical need using engineering methods and also takes into account the appropriate style. The successful interaction between architecture and engineering produces a functional object that fits into the landscape naturally. We achieve this goal in every architecture project.

Architecture And Engineering. Meaningful Cooperation

The project development of modern facilities is impossible without the mechanical engineering. Creating a comfortable microclimate in a building is an unwritten rule for an architecture engineer now.

Every VDC Group’s architecture engineer is able to design the optimum heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Using effective BIM and CAD programs we minimize the time of collecting and processing the construction data. The skillful use of the appropriate software results in a comfortable and efficient system.
The costs are also reducing as we eliminate the shortcomings and avoid redundant material procurement. A thorough structural analysis, including forecasting the of the extreme weather conditions, guarantees an optimal solution.

The utility systems coordination for their proper, safe and economical functioning is the responsibility of every VDC Group’s architecture engineer. Working with Architecture and engineering, the profound knowledge of mathematics, physics, and technology is a must.
Fire safety, water supply, and energy-saving systems literacy is also an integral requirement. To ensure that the construction projects are structurally and functionally correct, VDC Group hires the best professionals. It’s possible to rectify the defects in the preliminary schemes and solve the problems arising before and during construction. 


Architecture Engineers And Their Multi-competences


Developing a project, VDC Group follows the «green» trends and presents the solutions reducing the consumption of natural resources. Our architecture specialists tend to use fully renewable energy sources which significantly lessen the environmental pollution. Having an interdisciplinary background, the skilled architecture professionals create integrated energy-saving systems.

We carefully study the building’s functional purpose, its structural flexibility, HVAC systems and the materials used. Unlocking the maximum potential of the facility using environmentally friendly and balanced systems and materials is our priority. Our experienced team can contribute to your project using the full range of their professional skills.

Working With VDC Group's Architecture Engineer