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Architectural Design

A well-performed preliminary preparation is indispensable at any stage of the construction. With the help of our Architecture BIM services, you will get a perfectly designed model of any difficulty.

Modern Architecture


The 21st century is at full swing and that means saying good-bye to traditional methods of construction. It’s not a secret that BIM approach has recently become extremely popular. This lead to an increased demand for BIM outsourcing. 

You might want to know how good a BIM outsourcing company, VDC Group is. Well, here’s the deal. In VDC Group, a management process can be performed both personally, by a team of well-trained professionals, or remotely, preserving the same high efficiency and quality. We are eagerly providing BIM outsourcing services for companies and projects of different value and life cycle. Among the crucial tasks to which we are capable of finding the best solution possible are:

  • Planning and organizing the initial stages of the project

  • The creation of project briefs which are easy to follow and understand even by the team of foreign professionals

  • Marking the intermediate goals for every stage of work


How WE Can Help You

  1. Start our 14 day free trial - sign on and customer engagement officer will note your details and assign your own project manager. 

  2. Project manager will identify your project requirements and assign expert resources to you. 

  3. Sales price will be formally quoted and contract will be signed with you. 

  4. Project kicks-off. 

  5. Once Project is successful at end of 14 days and you are fully satisfied with the quality, activate credit card billing (weekly or monthly). Otherwise, terminate the trial.

  6. Our Project manager will be responsible for your project until completion.